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Category Archives: Party Walls and Boundary Walls (General Information)

If you can’t agree with your neighbour on boundary issues, what can you do?

Answer Appoint a professional to advise on both boundary walls and party walls. Property Health Check can offer a number of services which provide information required to enable your solicitor to advice you.  Those services are Boundary Checks, provision of Land Registry Compliant Maps and Certificate/Declaration of Identity. Continue Reading

What is a party/boundary wall mediation agreement?

Answer A mediation agreement is entered into following an acceptable resolution between adjoining home owners. The mediator will draft a written agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the settlement they have reached and to which they have agreed. When both home owners agree to its terms, the parties, and the building surveyor / mediator,… Continue Reading

Misunderstandings about party walls and boundary walls in Ireland

We get numerous calls to our office from both home owners and adjoining owners asking about their rights and responsibilities pertaining to their party walls and boundary walls. Quite often our callers have researched their questions and concerns over the internet or from friends and normally end up being more confused at the end of… Continue Reading

Where is your boundary line?

Where is your boundary line?

Answer The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 is designed to help neighbours resolve any disputes about works on or near the boundary line between two properties if they themselves cannot come to an agreement. Boundaries are denoted Ordnance Survey plans and also on the title plans on the title deeds. Each registered property… Continue Reading

Why use a party wall expert for your building survey?

Answer Do you need advice on resolving party wall issues or boundary disputes? If you are considering a major investment in an attic conversion, building a side or rear extension, building a shed or garage, or even structurally modifying a shared ceiling or floor, chances are high that you will run into a party wall… Continue Reading

When is a wall considered a party wall?

When is a wall considered a party wall?

Answer Construction work, including renovations or extensions, may likely have some impact on a Party Wall structure. A wall is considered a party wall structure if it meets either of the following two conditions: The wall in question stands astride a boundary of land belonging to two or more different owners; this means that approximately… Continue Reading