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How Much Does a Structural House Survey Cost?

If you just want a building survey quotation without knowing why a house survey cost can vary so much, then complete our online form and your quote will be emailed to you within 5 minutes.

If you would like to understand why building survey fees vary significantly, then read on…

This information is provided as a  guide to use when comparing different property survey costs and fees in Ireland.  It will prevent you from purchasing a very limited pre-purchase house survey and report.

The cost of having a building surveyor report carried out on a potential new property is an added cost that most home buyers could do without. However,  not having a property survey carried out could result in a house being purchased with numerous defects that most home buyers or self taught builders would be totally unaware of.

Bear in mind, generally the fees, price or cost of your chosen building surveyor will be significantly less than the cost of repairing defects routinely found during a detailed home inspection. (See Aileen August 2017’s testimonial).

Building surveys and property/house surveys used to be known as structural surveys.  These surveying terms are interchangeable, the true extent of the survey in question is determined by its terms and conditions.

If the building surveyor notices recent repairs, cracks, settlement or other tell-tale signs he may suggest that floors, walls or foundations may need to be opened up to allow for further inspections. Therefore, it is extremely important that the surveyor you engage to survey your prospective new home is an experienced specialist in carrying out structural surveys. Ensure that  structural surveys are not just an “add-on” to a firms existing architectural or engineering business.

How Much Should You Pay for a Home or House Survey?

Everyone is looking for ways to stretch their euro and make every cent count. Home buyers, like everybody else, are looking for the best price building survey, be it in Dublin, Cork or Kerry. In an effort to save a few euros some house buyers are searching for cheap or low priced house survey fees, and occasionally even deciding not to have a home inspection at all, and buying their homes with no professional surveying advice at all.

A detailed house survey is well worth the price because it will give you, the home buyer peace of mind. If the building survey turns up little wrong with the home (few do) you will be able to move in to your new home worry free. However, if the building survey finds serious problems (most do), then the few hundred euros invested in your building survey could end up saving you many thousands of euros.

Damp floor and radon

Average cost(s) of defects found during recent property surveys

  • Cost of replacing one natural gas-fired water heater: €1,500-€3,000
  • Cost of replacing gun barrel plumbing: €4,500
  • Cost of replacing one toilet: €250
  • Cost of replacing an old galvanised water storage tank: €475
  • Cost to upgrade a failing electric fuse panel and wiring: €5,500
  • Cost of repairing rising damp issue: €3,350
  • Cost to replace an asbestos roof overrear extension and shed: €8,650
  • Cost to repair condensation issues: €1,200
  • Cost of repairing cracked chimney: €2,250
  • Cost of repairing blocked drains: €4,500
  • Cost to replace rotten floor boards in wall beside damp wall: €2,250
  • Cost to treat for woodworm infestation in attic timbers, floors and stairs: €3,500
  • Cost to repair settlement and heaving in foundation that has been damaged by tree roots: €12,800
  • Cost of replacing failing seals in double glazed windows and failing window hinges: €2,850
  • Cost of repairing an attic conversion: €12,650

Building Inspection reveals blocked drain

Note – The above estimated costs are dependent of the repairs required. Depending on the extent of the fault, the quotations for repairs may vary considerably.


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Are all building surveys the same, regardless of price quoted?

Most people don’t purchase homes very often and as a result they don’t know any experts who specialise is property surveys. However, when gathering building survey quotations, there are a number of different issues that a home buyer should concern themselves with.

Clients will usually be asked a number of property related questions when they makes an inquiry about the cost of a property survey, for example:

  • The square meter size (m²) of the building?
  • The age of the building?
  • The type of building?
  • Any extensions or modifications made to the structure?
  • The location of the property, and several other questions that will allow the firm to give you an accurate quote

Once they have the required information a quotation can be calculated.

When calling companies for a quotation use the opportunity to find out some details about the company and how they operate.  For example:

  1. Is the Company a specialist in Pre-Purchase Building Surveys?
    Some professionals carry out building surveys as an add-on to their architectural or engineering practices, a specialist company will have much greater experience in performing building surveys.
  2. Is the individual who is going to inspect your property carrying out building surveys on a day to day basic
  3. Is your professional covered with professional indemnity insurance?
    Check that the person surveying your house is covered with professional indemnity insurance. Don’t become another unfortunate statistic and find out too late that there is no insurance to cover for potential unreported defects. What if your professional had a bad day at the office when she/he was inspecting your property and missed settlement in the structure? Depending on the property involved, for serious settlement defects that may have been missed it would be expected to cost you €25,000 to €100,000 to carry out necessary structural underpinning . Serious defects are  regularly found by home buyers after they move into their house and then only discover too late that the person who surveyed their property did not have building survey insurance. You will be very relieved that you took the time to check this should you become the one in a thousand who finds serious defects in your house after you have moved in.
  4. Ask to see a sample report, so you will know what you will be getting
    Once you see and compare sample survey reports you will understand why some survey reports cost more the others. Be wary if you are told that the company does not make sample reports available. The company will certainly not quote you until they have a good idea about what property they are going to survey; likewise you should not engage a company to survey your property until you have viewed a sample of what you will be receiving.
  5. Request a copy of the firms terms and conditions relating to the survey
    Some terms and conditions are so restricted or  erroneous that the report is almost worthless. Compare terms and conditions to get a complete image of what your survey will cover.

Don’t leave your building survey to chance and expect that all pre-purchase building surveys are the same. There are significant and major differences between pre-purchase building surveys.


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What is the Average Cost of Building Surveys?

Building Survey Costs = Experience of Building Surveyor + Detail of Survey. (Like all things in life you get what you pay for, cheap house surveys are normally limited in detail).

Now with a better understanding about what determines building survey prices, you can make a more informed decision on which survey best suits your needs and what offers you best value for your money.

For example, you will find after reviewing samples of pre-purchase building survey’s that some building surveys will not cover what you had expected, and this may prove very costly to you in the long term. You may  find that some firms may quote significantly higher figures than the norm to carry out your pre-purchase building survey.

With over twenty years experience carrying out pre-purchase building surveys, it is clear from experience, dealing with solicitors, estate agents and consumers that the highest or lowest price of building surveys do not in any way indicate the detail or quality of the survey to be carried out. Furthermore “visual surveys” can be far more detailed and informative then “full structural engineer reports”. Do not get confused or sold by what the report is called, always insist an seeing a sample survey report and the terms and conditions of same.

Confusion About Different Types of Property Survey

Common queries we hear from clients are, “I am confused about the different building survey report costs associated with different types of survey reports” and “Different companies are offering different types of surveys, which survey best suits my needs?”.

What is the difference between the following building surveyor reports?
  • cost of a house survey report in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Cork or Kerry
  • cost of a pre purchase house survey report
  • cost of a building survey report
  • cost of a pre purchase building survey report
  • cost of a full building survey report
  • cost of a home inspection report
  • cost of a house surveyor report
  • cost of a structural survey report
  • cost of a home survey report
  • cost of a full structural survey report
  • cost of a pre purchase structural survey report
  • cost of an engineers report
  • cost of a structural engineers report.
  • cost of a structural building report

There isn’t a difference really. All the above list of survey reports can be substantially the same thing. The surveying terms and surveying names are interchangeable, The true extent of a survey is determined by its associated terms and conditions. The price of the structural building survey report, house survey report, or whatever name it is called, will boil down to the experience of the building surveyor and the detail of the survey that is carried out.

Regardless of which professional you consider engaging to survey your future home, it is always advisable to view a sample survey report and the terms and conditions, and to inspect previous customer reviews from clients before booking your survey.

Please view our sample building survey report and terms and conditions.

Our firm only carries out detailed pre-purchase building survey reports and not basic walk through or minimal house survey reports. If you have any queries please contact our office on 01-6281040 or fill out our online pre purchase survey quotation form for a quick accurate quotation today.

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