3 Day Guarantee

What is our guarantee?

Property Health Check Ltd. (PHC) guarantee to issue report(s) by email within 3 working days of completion of a structural survey inspection (see details below).

What structural surveys are included in the guarantee?

Pre-Purchase Structural Survey (House)

Pre-Purchase Structural Survey and Reduced-rate Certificate of Identity package

Pre-Purchase Structural Survey (Apartment)

Commercial Structural Survey

Structural Building Regulations Review

Report Issue

The report(s) will be issued to the email address advised by the client to PHC at the time of booking the inspection.

When does the guarantee not apply?

The guarantee does not apply when late delivery of a report results from events beyond our control as set out in the Terms and Conditions for the service.

What should a client do if they think PHC has not met the guarantee?

  1. Check which email address was provided to PHC at the time of booking the inspection
  2. Check the email inbox for the report(s)
  3. Check the junk mail for the report(s)
  4. Check the (latest) notification from PHC advising of the inspection date.
  5. To make a claim against the guarantee, contact Customer Care by email within 10 days of the inspection date, providing the original name on the booking, property address, the (latest) inspection date notified to you, and the date of receipt of the report(s).

What happens after the client submits a claim for refund?

  1. Guarantee refund requests will be investigated, and a refund decision will be provided within 10 working days.
  2. Where PHC finds that the guaranteed turnaround time has not been met, the fee for the survey, and reduced-rate Certificate of Identity, where relevant, will be refunded in full.