Planning Review

Determining the Planning Status of your Property

What is a Planning Review?

Planning Review is a service we provide to answer your solicitor’s queries about a property in relation to planning documents, relevant planning conditions and comments required on third party certificates. It includes researching Local Planning Authority files and visiting the property to compare the research.

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Who Needs A Planning Review?

During conveyancing your Solicitor will often have queries which you will need to raise with an Engineer.  The queries will relate to planning permissions, regulations, certification, and so on. In order to respond effectively to these planning queries, the service of an Engineer must be engaged.

Engineers must first research all relevant documentation including third party certificates, planning files and plans. They will review the plans and drawings, planning conditions and/or other files submitted depending on what queries your solicitor has. This service can help alleviate concerns such as:

  • Is the property compliant with planning regulations and building regulations?
  • Are the certificates provided by the seller acceptable?
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Our Service

We provide this service for clients going through the conveyancing process. The service is available to clients that have had a Pre-Purchase Structural Survey for the property carried out by Property Health Check.

An inspection of planning files at the Local Authority Planning Office will be carried out to review all relevant files and drawings for the property. A site visit will be carried out to ensure what has been built corresponds with the planning file. We will review and comment on documents or queries submitted.

A Planning Review includes answering your solicitor’s queries in relation to planning documents, relevant planning conditions and commenting on third party certificates for the property in question.

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