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What is a BER Certificate?

A BER (Building Energy Rating) Certificate indicates the energy performance in your property.  It is very similar to the energy label used for your household appliances.

The BER Certificate rates the energy performance of your property on a scale from A to G.

A property with an A rating is the most energy-efficient and can therefore have lower energy bills.  Properties with a G rating are the least energy-efficient indicating they may have higher energy bills.

A BER is compulsory for all homes and properties both commercial and residential.

How is a BER Calculated?

Your BER is calculated through energy use for space and hot water heating, ventilation, and lighting.

The number of people likely to occupy a building is also taken into account. This is based on the average number of occupants in buildings of a similar size.

A BER is carried out by specially trained BER assessors, registered by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI). Our in-house Engineers are experienced and experts in BER Assessments.

The price for our BER service starts at €300 including VAT.

Preparing for your BER

It’s important to prepare for your BER assessment before the Assessor visits your home.  You will need some documentary evidence for works done on your home.  This will ensure you get the most accurate BER rating.

We have put together a checklist below to help you prepare.

  • MPRN number & Eircode

    This number can be found on a recent electricity bill. You will also need your Eircode.
  • Proof of the year the house was built

    Drawings, plans or specifications of the house along with the age of any extensions added. The deeds of the property will show the age of the dwelling.
  • Details of Upgrade Works to the house

    Details & Documentation from Architects, Engineer & Contractors showing the address, works carried out, products used e.g. insulation.
  • Established and Experienced feature icon

    Heat Source Information

    The make and model of the boiler or other heat source used in the property. This can usually be found on the side of the boiler.
  • Window & Door Certification

    Certification information for windows and door which should show the make, model, glazing type, U-value and solar transmittance values.
  • Previous BER & Air Tightness Tests

    If you had previous BER or Air Tightness tests these results should be made avaialble.

Why Us?

  • Experienced & Established

    Experienced in house Engineers with extensive knowledge in BER Assessment. We never outsource our services.
  • Certification

    BER Assessment Certificate within 4 working days after the inspection.
  • Excellent Communicators

    Our Customer Care Team are friendly, efficient and there to help you every step of the way.
  • Exceptional Service and Satisfaction

    Our Company and Team have more 5 star Google and Facebook reviews than all other Irish building engineering companies combined.

Frequently Asked Questions

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