Boundary Services

Do you have queries relating to the boundary on your property?

Why Would I Need A Boundary Service?

Most property owners never have a reason to question the boundaries around their property. A question about the properties boundaries usually arises when a decision to sell or purchase a property is made. Sometimes queries occur if new or proposed construction is occurring that may affect the existing boundary line between adjoining properties. Neighbours will often have different points of view on who owns what, and what can and cannot be done in regard to works on adjoining boundary lines. It is at these times that we are usually contacted.

The boundary reports we provide are divided into four different services that cover most eventualities when a person is either purchasing or selling a property or trying to understand what construction can or can’t be done around or to a party wall.

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Property Sales And Purchases Boundary Services

You may need any one of the following three services when purchasing or selling a property. If your solicitor has a query about the exactness of the boundary around the property and requires an expert report stating that the physical boundary lines as found on the site, exactly match the folio or deed map for the property, or if there is an issue with the boundaries to highlight them. Your solicitor will normally indicate which service is required.

  • Certificate of Identity
  • Declaration of Identity
  • Land Registry Compliant Map

Services For Boundary Concerns

Where there is a concern or general query about existing or newly proposed works due to be carried out, that may impact a boundary line between two properties we provide a Boundary Inspection Service.

This service involves visiting the property and comparing the existing physical boundary lines with the folio or deed map for the property and commenting on if any building works or newly proposed building works that will encroach on the physical boundaries and / or dead / folio map boundary line the property. The report will let you know what is going on in relation to the exactness of the boundaries and if any existing or newly proposed building works will affect the boundary line.

The report will assist you when communicating with your neighbour or can be provided to your solicitor if required.


We have put together some questions we are frequently asked.