Display Energy Certificate

Helping Businesses Thrive Through Improved Energy Performance & Sustainability

Introducing Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

At Property Health Check Ltd, we are excited to introduce our latest commercial service in Ireland – Display Energy Certificates (DEC). Our commitment to enhancing building performance and sustainability is at the heart of this new offering.

As experts in building surveying, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in the commercial sector, and our DEC service is designed to help your business meet regulatory requirements, improve energy performance, and showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility.

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What Are Display Energy Certificates?

Display Energy Certificates (DEC) provide a clear and standardized way to measure and display the actual energy usage of a building.

Unlike Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), which predict a building’s energy efficiency based on design, DECs reflect the actual energy consumption over a 12-month period.

This real-world data is crucial for businesses to understand their energy usage and identify areas for improvement.

Why Choose Our DEC Service?

  • Regulatory Compliance
    • In Ireland, DECs are mandatory for large public buildings and recommended for commercial properties. Our service ensures that your business meets all regulatory requirements, avoiding potential fines and enhancing your reputation.
  • Energy Efficiency Insights
    • Our detailed assessments provide insights into your building’s energy performance, highlighting opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs. This proactive approach not only benefits the environment but also improves your bottom line.
  • Expert Analysis
    • Our team of certified energy assessors brings years of experience in building surveying and energy assessments. We deliver accurate, reliable DECs backed by expert analysis and tailored recommendations.
  • Transparency and Trust
    • Displaying your building’s DEC demonstrates transparency and a commitment to sustainability. It builds trust with clients, partners, and stakeholders, showcasing your dedication to reducing environmental impact.
  • Tailored Solutions
    • We understand that every building is unique. Our bespoke service ensures that your DEC reflects the specific characteristics and usage patterns of your property, providing meaningful and actionable insights.

How Our Service Works

  • Initial Consultation
    • We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your building’s energy usage and operational characteristics.
  • Site Survey
    • Our certified assessors conduct a thorough on-site survey, collecting data on your building’s energy consumption, including heating, lighting, and ventilation systems.
  • Data Analysis
    • Using advanced software and our expertise, we analyze the data to calculate your building’s operational rating and produce a detailed DEC.
  • Recommendations
    • Along with your DEC, we provide a tailored report with practical recommendations for improving energy efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Ongoing Support
    • We offer continuous support and follow-up assessments to help you track progress and maintain compliance over time.

Get Started Today

Embrace energy efficiency and regulatory compliance with Property Health Check Ltd’s Display Energy Certificates service. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future for your business.

At Property Health Check Ltd, we are dedicated to helping businesses thrive through improved energy performance and sustainability. Trust us to provide the expertise and support you need to make a positive impact on your energy consumption and environmental footprint. Let’s work together to build a greener future.