Terms and Conditions for Land Registry Compliant Maps

To understand what is included and not included in your report it is essential and recommended that the following terms and conditions are read in full. By booking our services you are agreeing to these terms.


  1. Land Registry Compliant Map
  2. Limitations of Service
  3. Price and payment
  4. Report Issue
  5. Liability, confidentiality, and ownership
  6. Complaints policy
  7. Termination

1. Land Registry Compliant Map

a) A Land Registry Compliant Map is a detailed map used for land registration purposes. This is a detailed large-scale map which meets the requirements of the Property Registration Authority (PRA).

2. Limitations of Service

a) The Land Registry Compliant Map is not a building survey report and does not take into account, or report on, the condition of the boundaries or services.
b) Measurements of a site are not included.

3. Price and Payment

a) Valid numbered quotations are provided in writing only and are valid for thirty days from the date of issue. The quotation includes VAT at the current rate.
b) Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
c) Payment is taken at the time of booking.

4. Report Issue

a) The Land Registry Compliant Map will be posted, using normal post, to the person and address nominated by you at the time of booking.
b) A scanned copy of the map is issued by email.
c) The Land Registry Compliant Map can be re-issued at the request of the client. An additional fee will be charged for this service.

5. Liability, Confidentiality, and Ownership

a) Ownership of the map passes to the client upon receipt by Property Health Check Limited of full payment.
b) The map is issued to the person to whom it is addressed for their and their legal adviser’s use.

6. Complaints Policy

a) We aim to give excellent service to all our customers, however, we recognise that things may go wrong occasionally. We will do our best to deal with your complaint as effectively and quickly as possible. Find out how to make a complaint here.
b) To get in touch please contact our Customer Care team using one of the following methods: –

    • Call 0818 787839

    • Email: info@propertyhealthcheck.ie

    • Post: Property Health Check Ltd Ltd., 20 Main Street, Kenmare, Co. Kerry

7. Termination

a) The Client may terminate an Agreement but must give a minimum of two working days’ notice.
b) If a cancellation or a postponement takes place within two working days of the inspection, then 25% of the quotation total fee will be charged.

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