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When to call Property Health Check

Property Health Check Ltd provides building surveying reports and services for clients who are both buying and selling properties, or who have building defects that they would like to better understand, for example:

Why You Should Call Us For Your Structural Survey?

Our Building Survey means that you won’t end up buying a Money Pit. Any building survey is only as good as the detailed building survey report you receive following the property inspection. The cost of building surveys is determined by the extent of the survey. Having a detailed building survey report can help you renegotiate with vendors and also allow you to pull out of the purchase if serious defects are found.

Our building surveyors use an infrared camera to assist them when appropriate to help detect defects such as hidden damp.  The infrared camera can detect what the human eye can not. In a recent house survey we found a well disguised leak at the chimney which the vendor had (likely) tried to conceal. Without this specialized piece of equipment most building surveyors would not have been able to identify this problem as the seller had painted over the moisture stains, making this problem invisible to buyers and building surveyors alike. The infrared technology saved our client more than a thousand Euros in repair costs.

What our customers say

“Thank you very much for your detailed report (our solicitor said it was the best one he has ever seen). We have addressed the items you mentioned with the vendor.
I would have no problems recommending you to anybody I know.”

B Hussey

“Feedback is positive; it was an efficient, no-fuss service, and if anyone we know is buying in Dublin we will recommend you.  I appreciated the surveyors willingness to talk with me informally and at length about the properties in addition to providing the detailed written reports.”  

M Laffer

“May I take this opportunity to commend the high quality of the survey and indeed the speed and professionalism of its presentation. As it transpires, we did not attend the auction and believe that your survey saved us from the very scenario we wished to avoid. We were prepared to pay a premium price for a house in turn key condition. Your survey indicated that particular house was merely a cosmetic masterpiece!”

M McKenna


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