So how much does a house survey cost? This is one of the first questions any prospective home buyer will ask. We have answered this important question thousands of times over the last twenty years. We hope this blog helps you to understand the answer to this question. So here we go…

Buying a house is a really expensive time and something most of us might only do once in our lifetimes. So, it makes sense that you would want to know as much as possible about the house before you buy. After all, nobody wants to waste money or make a bad investment.

Getting a house survey will give you a much better idea of the condition of the structure of your home. After all structure is most important. You wouldn’t buy a new car if the body was rusting. The same goes for a house, you need to know as much as you can about the structure of the home before you close the sale.

This could save you spending a lot of money for repairs in the future.

This begs the question…

What is a House Survey?

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A house survey is carried out by an experienced and expert Engineer. It is performed before you close the sale of the house. It is essentially a visual inspection of the structure of the house from the foundation to the roof.

You will hear many names for a house survey such as a pre-purchase building (or property) survey, a home inspection, a structural survey, a property survey, and so on, but they are all essentially the same…

Price Matters

We all want the best value for money. It can be difficult to search for the best option with so many companies and surveys available on the market. At Property Health Check we strive to educate our prospective clients and provide you with realistic price ranges.

We have outlined a number of variations of home sizes and types below which we hope will help you to get a good idea of house survey costs.

Survey cost for an apartment

Apartments or flats are a great start for people trying to get on the property ladder as they can be more affordable than a house.

Apartments vary greatly in size starting from approximately 60 m² for a 1-bedroom apartment up to much larger penthouse-style apartments.

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We chose a typical size of 60 m² to help you get a good idea of the cost of an apartment survey.

The price for a 60 m² apartment will start at €492 including VAT.

Survey cost for a 3-bedroom house

A large number of buyers will typically buy 3-bedroom houses. In more populated urban areas these will usually be part of a housing estate or development. A typical size for a 3-bedroom detached or semi-detached home is approximately 110 m².

This is one of the most popular style homes particularly for first-time buyers or as a family home in cities and built-up areas.

The price for a 110 m² house will start at €572 including VAT

Survey cost for a 4-bedroom House

We provide quotations for all sizes of homes in both rural and urban locations. We tend to get a lot of quotation requests for houses that are approximately 135 m². In our experience, these homes are usually 4-bedroom semi-detached or detached.

The survey price increases slightly for a bigger property as these homes take longer to survey. 

The price for a 135 m² house will start at €584 including VAT

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Survey cost for a 5-bedroom House

As families grow and people’s circumstances change lots of people move up the property ladder. You may have decided it’s time to move from your starter home to your forever home?

We see quite a lot of requests for surveys for larger properties. From our experience, the larger style 5-bedroom properties are usually 225 m² in size.

The price for a 225 m² house will start at €640 including VAT

Older Properties

We also specialise in carrying out structural surveys on older properties, including Georgian or Victorian period homes and even properties built pre 1849.

Period style home with Grey front door, two plant pots and black and white tiles.

These fabulous buildings are so historic and a joy to survey, but can also be very challenging

It is important to mention that the survey for a period home will cost more than a survey for a new property because the survey generally takes longer than a survey for a newer property. 

Our expert Engineer will look for additional structural issues that can normally be associated with older properties. Typical examples of these structural issues with period-style homes could be dry rot, issues with insulation, and dampness.

As you can imagine building materials from the associated era would also have been used in the original construction of the property. These original materials would be substantially different from current modern construction materials. If changes or alterations are made to an old property using modern building materials impacts on the building can take place. Due to these types of issues, we use our more experienced Chartered Building Engineers to carry out an in-depth structural examination of the property.

Why not get a quote

So now that we have given you an idea of structural survey costs for the various house sizes, why not get a quote. Our simple to use online quotation will give you an accurate price for your property. It’s as easy as clicking on the link below and following the steps in the form.

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If you would like to learn more about a house survey you can find information here.

If you prefer to call our office and speak to one of our super-friendly Customer Care team, that’s fantastic.

We would be delighted to answer any of your questions. Just call 0818 787839.

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