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What are the most common type defects found in sliding doors?

Answer Poorly fitted and maintained patio doors are a common defect found during our house surveys.  All patio doors have similar working parts leading to similar defects. A patio door has two sides, a fixed stationary side and the opening sliding section. Both the door handle and locking system are normally located on the sliding… Continue Reading

What are the basics in improving window security?

Answer During the course of a building survey, a common concern for new home owners is security. These issues are normally straight forward to remedy resulting in improved security in the windows. The security of any property largely depends on the quality of security and hardware used, within the windows themselves. Most windows provide a limited amount… Continue Reading

What are the common window defects found during building surveys?

Answer Most building surveys find common window defects and door defects which may require replacement or minor repairs to ease operation and provide best performance from the windows or doors. The building survey will usually find that the house windows are made from uPVC, timber, steel or aluminium. Windows frames come in a variety of… Continue Reading