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More concerns about pyrite in houses?

There are believed to be up to of 15,000 properties in Ireland which are contaminated with pyrite backfill. We hope that our website will help you find the information you require concerning all aspects of pyrite damage to houses. When damage occurs as a result of pyrite under the floors it can be a very stressful time.… Continue Reading

Testing for Pyrite in Backfill

Property Health Check does not carry out laboratory testing to confirm that your house is free of pyrite.  Golders based in Naas, Co Kildare are perhaps the the best known pyrite testing companies in Ireland.  We certainly don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but if your house has pyrite your test results will… Continue Reading

Pyrite damage in most cases can be more costly to repair then settlement or cracking in walls?

The damage that pyrite back-fill can cause is an expensive defect to remedy and stressful to the property owner.  Pyrite damage in most cases can be more costly to repair then settlement or cracking in walls so it is important that pyrite damage is not incorrectly diagnosed during the initial structural survey. The percentage or concentration of pyrite in… Continue Reading

Does rainfall affect the rate of Pyrite expansion?

Answer. Is the total amount of rain fall in Ireland speeding up the rate of pyrite expansion under our houses from what is happening in Canada. There is a mis-conception in the building industry and by some building professionals that the rate of pyrite expansion of contaminated backfill should show up more quickly or become… Continue Reading

Buying a Home with Suspected Pyrite Damage

Found your ideal home. Now that you have found the ideal home,  you can get ready to get all your contracts signed, organise your mortgage and look forward to moving into your new home. You have agreed a price with the estate agent and decide that its better to be safe then sorry and organise… Continue Reading

Frequently asked questions about pyrite in homes

Answer Pyrite in your home The damage that pyrite can cause is stressful to the home owner and an expensive problem to remedy. The possibility that pyrite may have been used in a small number of homes in a development can have a very negative affect on all property values in that development. The presence… Continue Reading