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Category Archives: Ventilation

Ventilation of Timber-Framed Structures

Ventilation of the external walls of timber-framed construction is necessary so as not to allow moisture build up in the cavity which may cause decay to the structural timbers. External walls of a timber-framed dwelling are normally comprised of a number of layers which can be seen in figure 1. Ventilating the cavity of timber-framed… Continue Reading

Ventilation in floors

Ventilation in floors, especially suspended timber floors is very important so as not to facilitate the build up of moisture within the floor structure. This moisture build up can cause deterioration not only the timber joists but also any coverings placed over the joists. Ventilation in suspended timber floors can be achieved by installing vents… Continue Reading

Ventilation in Roofs

Ventilating roof spaces is very important as water vapour can reach this area primarily through gaps in ceilings such as attic hatches or pipes and even to a smaller extent from gaps around light fittings. When this water vapour reaches the attic space it can condense on the underside of the sarking felt or roof… Continue Reading