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Why use a party wall expert for your building survey?


Do you need a Registered Building Surveyor  who can advise on resolving party wall issues or boundary disputes?  Property Health Check continually strive to improve their level of service because our aim is to assist both building owners and adjoining owners in resolving party wall matters and boundary wall disputes as painlessly as possible. We are Ireland’s leading party wall and boundary line surveying firm and hope to assist you in successfully navigating through party wall and boundary disputes. If you are considering a major investment in an attic conversion, building a side or rear extension, building a shed or garage, or even structurally modifying a shared ceiling or floor, chances are high that you will run into a party wall or boundary wall. Occasionally issues can arise when your old neighbour decides to sell an adjoining property. Will the new neighbour have a different understanding as to what exactly is the boundary wall and what can they build there without your consent. We can advise you an these and other boundary and party wall matters so you will know where you stand. A party wall is defined as any wall shared by two properties, often but not always, where the property boundary runs through the thickness of the wall. Apartments, flats, attic conversions, semi-detached terraced houses usually all have at least one and often more than one party wall shared with neighbours. It is always best to avoid a dispute with your neighbour over boundary or party walls as disputes can lead to expensive litigation costs. It makes sense to get early advice on Party Wall matters because the true long term cost of angry and resentful neighbours is impossible to calculate financially. There are also significant legal, insurance and health and Safety responsibilities to consider if you propose to carry out work to a party or boundary wall under Irish Legislation, so why not turn to a professional firm who specialise in Party Wall matters if you have any questions on these matters.

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