Terms and Conditions for a Desktop Review of Planning Documents

 1. Service Provision

  •  Review documents and/or correspondence as provided (uploaded) by the client at the time of quotation/booking.
  • Provide a bullet point review, so that the issues at hand are better understood, including what further inquiries / actions may be required.
  • Reply to standard queries from your adviser.

Note, if you require us to re-visit the property or you are not confident that all relevant documents have been provided, it is usually better to book a detailed planning consultancy.

The time required to prepare a bullet point review depends upon the complexity of the issues at hand, the number of documents for review, and the time required to read and understand the materials supplied.

2. Limitations of Desktop Review of Planning Documents

  1.  The review of documents is limited to grants of planning permission and planning permission certificates for the property address specified in the quotation by the client.
  2. The desktop review is for general guidance for planning permission building issues and is intended for the clients and their legal advisors use only.
  3. Discussion and correspondence with third parties is not included as part of the desktop review (excluding your legal advisor).
  4. The documents and/or files reviewed are as provided by you, the client. We can only comment on what is contained in the documents and files as presented to us for review. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information or data as supplied.
  5. Uploading illegible or unreadable documents for review will reduce the effectiveness of the desktop review.
  6. The review is only for planning documents that are specifically referenced to the property. It does not include a review of county plans, local plans, urban strategic plans, environmental plans etc.
  7. This desktop review will provide a better understanding of the issues at hand and what further enquiries and or actions may be required. It must be accepted that the purchase of further reports and/or certificates may be required following on from this desktop review.
  8. Queries, documents and files submitted additionally after a review is booked will incur additional fees as these could substantially change the way we have already viewed and commented on existing queries and documents.
  9. When a planning permission refers to an entire multi-unit or apartment block complex, house estates or multi-unit commercial centres, the Desktop Review of Planning Documents will be restricted to the individual unit only and not the entire development.

­3.  Price and Payment

  1. Numbered quotations are provided in writing and are valid for thirty days from the date of issue. The quotation is a net figure and is subject to VAT at the current standard rate.
  2. Documents, files, queries and new concerns submitted after the time of booking will incur additional fees. Queries, concerns, documents and files submitted after the quotation could substantially change the way we have viewed or commented on existing queries. Therefore, it is always better to request a planning consultancy service.
  3. Payment in full for the quoted fee is required before the review can be begun.
  4. The client will be notified and invoiced for any additional charges. (Item 2.8  & 3.2 refer)
  5. Payment in full is required before the review is emailed to the client. (Item 3.4 refers)
  6. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Credit or debit card payments are actioned on the day of the booking for the quoted figure.
  7. If necessary, following the review any other services or reports subsequently required will be quoted for in addition to this service.

4. Review Issue

  1. The review is issued to you by email.

5. Termination

  1. Cancellation of a booking for a desktop review for planning documents can only take place if no payment has been actioned, signifying that the review has yet to be started.
  2. Once the payment has been actioned cancellation will only be considered for any additional time that may have been required and has not yet been undertaken. (Section 3.2 refers)