cost of structural building survey

Building Surveyor, cost of Structural Building Surveys in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Kerry and in other counties.

Buying a home is a huge investment. Making certain that it is safe for your family is the most vital part of the building survey we perform. We guide you through the building surveying process so you can rest assured that you have improved your knowledge about your investment and your safety. The cost of structural building survey will be determined by the extent and detail of the survey.

Once the building survey is completed we will explain the findings to you on site or phone you to give you a rundown on the property. We then post a hard copy of the report to you and email a copy of the report to you and your your solicitor. Peter Sweeney is a Director of Property Health Check and is the sole building surveyor. He has completed in excess of 10,000 building surveys since 1989. You will be assured that Peter Sweeney will carry out your building survey and bring his expansive experience to bear in looking after your interests by offering clients unbiased and thorough pre purchase building surveys and structural surveys.

With over 20 years experience carrying out building surveys and structural surveys, Peter Sweeney is one of the most experienced, Building Surveyors in Ireland. When it is time to hire someone for your building survey, you want Property Health Check, on your side.

Home buyers are usually concerned about the structure, walls, foundations, roof, dampness and drainage. Those areas in particular are evaluated meticulously, but we make sure to ascertain other areas that may be of some concern to you. We work for you, not the seller or the Estate Agent. We help you assess the risk of home ownership and disclose the defects in the home to you which will assist you in making an informed decision.

The process of a building survey on a home is a crucial one. Many buyers purchase their home on impulse and find themselves suffering from buyers remorse discovering serious flaws in the home itself. At Property Health Check, we provide our clients with the tools they need to make an educated choice regarding the quality and condition of their potential new home. By hiring an experienced building surveyor who has your best interest solely in mind, our clients are better able to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the home in which they are under contract to buy.

All clients of Property Health Check receive a custom type written report detailing our observations, what is wrong, what do about it and recommendations of useful upgrades to the property systems. If items are found that are unsafe, hazardous or require further evaluation, the report tells you so in plain English. Our report is designed to help you save money as well provide peace of mind in your new investment. The important topics in this report include a summary, illustrated narrative sheets that outline problems and repairs. This detailed building survey report will be an essential reference long after your building survey providing you with continued value and savings.
All works carried out by Property Health Check are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance. We are also one of the very few building surveying companies who are authorised by the Financial Regulator to give insurance claims advice on defects in buildings.