Boundary Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What boundary services are available?

A: Our boundary services are:-

a) Providing a Certificate of Identity

  • A certificate of identity is a report certifying that the boundaries noted at the property match those shown on the map provided. The certificate can also include a statement of services (based on a visual inspection of a septic tank, water supply and discharge services) which are included within the boundary, should that be required by your solicitor.

b) Providing a Declaration of Identity

  • A declaration of identity includes the same information as the certificate of identity. However, it is declared by a Property Health Check engineer, and witnessed in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths.

c) Providing a Land Registry Compliant Map

  • A land registry compliant map is a map used for land registration purposes.

d) Conducting a Boundary Inspection

  • A boundary inspection is usually required if there is a disagreement or possible disagreement between adjoining property owners due to the location of existing fences, services or potential encroachment from one property into another due to building works.

Q: Do you provide boundary services for all properties?

A: Our boundary services are available for all properties. An instant quote is available from in respect of sites up to circa 5 acres in area. For larger properties contact our office for a quote on 01 6281040.

Q: How do I know what service I need?

A: In general, a certificate of identity, declaration of identity or land registry compliant map will be required on the sale of property. A boundary inspection can be carried out where you are unsure of, or there is a dispute over, the boundary of a property. Your solicitor will be able to advise.

Q: When would I need a Certificate / Declaration of Identity?

A: A Certificate / Declaration of Identity may be required when land or property is being sold. It will be required if the house is a one-off house on its own site and is generally required for houses in rural areas. Your solicitor will advise when a certificate / declaration of identity is required.

Q: What if the services are not located within the boundaries?

A: If services (e.g. water, percolation area, etc.) or part of the structure is not located within the boundary of the property in question, a Certificate / Declaration of Identity will address these concerns. Issues will normally have to be remedied or a solution agreed before a sale can go through.

Q: What is a Land Registry Compliant Map?

A: A Land Registry Compliant Map is a map used for Land Registration purposes. It is a large-scale map which meets the requirements of and can be submitted to the Property Registration Authority (PRA) for searches and services, e.g. First Registrations, Subdivisions of Registered Property and Rights over Registered Property.

Q: When do I need a Land Registry Compliant Map?

A: When selling a property your solicitor will ask you to obtain a Land Registry Compliant Map, which is required during the conveyancing process. A Land Registry Compliant Map is required to make an application for First Registration of properties.

Q: Where can I find out more about registering land in Ireland?

A: Find out more from

Q: What is a Boundary Inspection?

A: A boundary inspection is a comparison of the physical boundaries around the property with a map of the property. This map may be a Land Registry Compliant Map or any other map showing the property in question. The purpose of the inspection is to check that the boundaries of the property correspond substantially with those on the maps provided.

Q: What can I do if I have a dispute with my neighbour over the property boundary?

A: We can carry out a boundary inspection of the property. To do this you will need to supply a map (e.g. folio map, deed map, etc.). We will conduct an inspection of the property boundaries and compare with the map provided. The engineer will provide a report that can be passed on to your solicitor.

Q: Can I see an example of the reports you provide?

A: Yes, you can download a sample of a Certificate / Declaration of Identity, a Land Registry Compliant Map or a Boundary Inspection report from our website.

Q: Will you take measurements of the property?

A: We do not take measurements at the property, but we will compare the physical boundaries against the map provided.


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