This is a question we get asked a lot. And the answer is yes, of course, you can speak to the Engineer about your pre-purchase structural survey. Buying a house is big deal and we get that.

This is something we strongly recommend. You should know as much as you can about the property before you close the sale.

When does the Engineer make contact with me?

We will ALWAYS communicate with our clients after the survey takes place.

When the survey is complete our Engineer will communicate with you to give an overview of their findings and flag any key issues found during the structural survey.

Sometimes our Engineers encounter coverage issues that prevent them from making a call, or you may not be able to answer his call when he rings. In either case, he will communicate with you via text letting you know that he has tried to make contact. 

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Our Engineers will communicate with you after your survey to answer any of your questions

Our Engineers are very experienced, knowledgeable and really friendly. They are always prepared to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. Remember there is no such thing as a silly question, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Our main objective is to make sure you get a complete understanding of your potential new home before you close the sale.

When do I receive my report?

We will issue your detailed report just three working days after the inspection. A link to a coloured PDF version of the report will be emailed to you. This eliminates any problems with postal delays and so on. It’s so much more efficient and we can even send a copy to your Solicitor, once you give us instructions to do so.

The Structural report is really thorough and will also include photos of the property and the areas that have been inspected. From our experience, this gives our clients a much better understanding of their survey.

When should I ask my Engineer questions about my survey?

We strongly recommend you take the time to read your report. As we said it is a very thorough report so you will need some time to absorb the detail.

You might need to read it a few times to clearly understand the content and terminology. This is a great opportunity to learn about your potential new home and ask questions before you close the sale.

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Take the time to read your report & absorb the detail

After reading your report it is highly likely you will have some questions. Our Engineer will be delighted to answer your queries. We understand the importance and stress involved in buying a property, so we are here to help. Our Engineers don’t answer calls when they are surveying properties as they need to focus on the job at hand.

To save you time and to make sure that your questions are all answered as quickly as possible we ask our clients to email their questions to Customer Care, who then pass them on to your Engineer. This system enables our Engineer to review your report so questions can be answered quickly and accurately and to call you as soon as he can do so. 

Reliability is a fundamental part of our ethos and we are always committed to building excellent client relationships.

Our focus is to deliver the best service and make sure our clients clearly understand the results of the structural survey. Many of our client reviews state how helpful they found their conversations with their Engineers. We hope after reading this blog you too will speak to the Engineer about your survey.

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