Terms and Conditions for Opinions on Compliance

Opinion/s of Compliance are prepared in accordance with the formats recommended by the Law Society of Ireland Conveyancing Handbook.

 Limitations of Opinion 

  1. Opinions are based on a visual inspection of the named structural aspects of the development only (as per details
    submitted in quote). They are issued solely to provide evidence for title purposes of the substantial compliance of the relevant development with planning control, within the meaning of the Planning Acts. Opinions are not a report or survey on the physical condition or the structure of the relevant works. Opinions do not warrant, represent, or consider any of the following:
  • Matters in respect of private rights and obligations.
  • Matters of financial contributions and bonds.
  • Development of the property which may occur after the date of issue of the Opinion. 
  1. The files researched for an Opinion on Compliance are provided by the Local Planning Authority. We can only comment on what is contained in the files that are presented to us for inspection by the Planning Authority. The files may be incomplete, documents may have been misfiled, removed or even altered, therefore we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information or data. We do not claim that this source represents an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all sources that might be consulted.
  2. When a planning permission refers to an entire multi-unit or apartment block complex, house estates or multi-unit commercial centres, the Opinion on Compliance Certificate will be restricted to the individual unit only and not the entire development.

­Price and Payment

  1. Valid numbered quotations are provided in writing and are valid for thirty days from the date of issue. The quotation is a net figure and is subject to VAT at the current rate.
  2. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Payment is taken at the time of booking.
  3. If subsequent re-inspection is required, an additional fee will be quoted for and charged accordingly.

Report Issue 

  1. Reports are issued to you by email and by hard copy using normal post. The email will contain a link to a secure site, where the certificate can be viewed and downloaded.
  2. PDF / emailed reports are provided in colour.
  3. Hard copy reports will be issued in black and white.


  1. The Client may terminate an Agreement but must give a minimum of two working days’ notice.
  2. If a cancellation or a postponement takes place within two working days of the inspection, then 25% of the quotation total fee will be charged.

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