Terms and Conditions for Knowledge Base / Submit Your Question.

Terms and Conditions for Knowledge Base / Submit Your Question are set out below. This free service can be withdrawn at any time without giving any prior notice. Any answers provided by this free service are Remote to all Situations and should not be relied on under any circumstances whatsoever. You should always avail of appropriate professional advice tailored to your exact situation before making any decisions. The advice given by a professional familiar with your situation maybe significantly different to the Answers given to Questions within this Knowledge Base. Please allow up to 10 business days for questions to be answered. If the volume of questions is high this may delay the time of the response. Please read the existing Library to ensure that a similar question to yours has not already been asked. Any questions marked “urgent” or requesting a speedy answer will be put back to the end of the queue. If you require an urgent or speedy answer please engage a professional who can advise you. Please ensure that your question and pictures do not identify your property. All questions submitted may be edited and may be used in our Library of answers which will be made available to all users. All users are restricted to a maximum of one question per month (questions not asked in previous months cannot be carried forward). We will attempt to answer additional questions, depending on time available. Each question submitted has to be specific to one area only. We are not Solicitors, no legal questions will be dealt with in the Knowledge Base. No questions dealing with structural specifications or exact structural requirements with be answered in the Knowledge Base. No questions requiring calculations or to confirm other professionals “calculations” will be answered in the Knowledge Base. No questions will be accepted requesting us to calculate or specify any materials to be used in a new property or property renovation. Your personal details will not be published with your question. The intention behind this Knowledge Base / Submit Your Question is to give general information to assist Clients of Property Health Check to better understand their property and is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice for your exact situation.