"Pre-Contract Investigation of Title" (PCIT) Advisory Service

Working in Partnership With Solicitors, to provide a cost efficient solution for "PCIT" queries

What is our PCIT Advisory Service

Our “Pre-Contract Investigation of Title” (PCIT) Advisory Service is a desktop review of planning documentation provided to us so we can provide prima facie replies to your Solicitors’ queries during the conveyancing process.

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How Does the PCIT Advisory Service Work?

This is an outline of the steps involved in the PCIT Advisory Process:

  1. To avoid mis-communication, we should always communicate directly with your Solicitor.
  2. Solicitor provides us with their “Pre-Contract Investigation of Title” (PCIT) queries.
  3. If the solicitor has planning related questions, we should also be provided with a relevant “Planning Search” report for the property from a Bonded Law Search Company.
  4. Based on the information provided, we will provide an estimate of our fees to cover our PCIT Advisory Service.
  5. Client books & pays for the PCIT Advisory Service.
  6. PCIT Advisory Service carried out and report emailed to Solicitor.

Each step in a little more detail...

  • (1) Communication with your Solicitor

    Planning and Development legislation in Ireland is complex and its interpretation and implementation is not always consistent or understood. To avoid mis-understandings, we should always liaise directly with your Solicitor before any PCIT Advisory Service is booked and not to have a situation where the client ends of being piggy in the middle, trying to understand or interpret the solicitor's queries and the planning consultants replies. It is also important that the solicitor and client understand the limitations of our prima facie desktop service which cannot "confirm" the exact planning status of a property, however it does provide a first impression or birds eye view of the planning status of the property. If we are requested to "confirm" that the planning status of a property is compliant with planning permission/s, this would require a full investigation into all the relevant planning files and planning conditions of the property and compare them exactly to what was found on site. The work involved is equivalant to what would be required to produce full planning compliance documents for the property in the first place. The cost to do this work or "confirm" everything is in order would be a significant multiple of the cost of a desktop prima facie advisory service.
  • (2) Solicitors "Pre-Contract Investigation of Title" Queries

    Have your solicitor provide us with their list of "Pre-Contract Investigation of Title" (PCIT) planning and boundary queries so we can carry out an initial assessment as to the time and potential cost involved to answer these questions. If the solicitor has planning related queries to be answered, a “Planning Search” report for the property should be provided at the same time by a Bonded Law Search Company.
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    (3) Planning Search, provided by a Bonded Law Search Company

    If the solicitor has planning questions to be answered, a “Planning Search” report for the property should also be provided by a Bonded Law Search Company, along with the solicitors queries. The details that should be included in a Planning Search are listed in “What Should a Planning Search Report Include” in the Fequently Asked Question section towards the bottom of this page. If a detailed Planning Search is not provided, this may prevent the Planning Advisory Service from fully answering the queries been made by the Solicitor. An example of a “Bonded” Law Search Company who provides a planning search can be found here, https://www.dlslegal.ie/
  • (4) Fee Estimate

    Before the "Pre-Contract Investigation of Title" (PCIT) Advisory Service is commenced, we will provide the client with a fee estimate for this work. Our fee estimate is based on our past experience in providing similar services to other clients. This fee will need to be paid in advance. If the solicitor / client have additional queries that have not been quoted for in the original fee estimate, we bill in 15 minute increments. This is why it is important to liaise with the solicitor as outlined in Step 1, so the solicitor and client understand the limitations of this desktop advisory service from the outset.
  • (5) Book & Pay

    If this advisory service meets your requirements and you wish to use this service, book the "PCIT" Advisory service through our online quote form or call our "PCIT" department where they can take your payment details.
  • (6) Prima Facie Advisory Report Sent to Solicitor

    Hopefully, no substantial issues will be raised by the desktop advisory service and the solictor can move along with finalising the transaction. However, if the report brings up issues, it will allow the solicitor and client to go back to the vendor and ask them to remedy certain issues or request new certificates from the vendor that had not have been provided in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

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