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Planning Searches

What is a Planning Search?

A Planning Search is a review of the planning files held by the local planning office since the 1st Oct 1964 for a specific property to understand the planning history of a property.

Who needs a Planning Search?

Purchasers and vendors are usually recommended by their solicitor to carry out a planning search against a property, usually prior to contract. During conveyancing solicitors will often have queries for your engineer relating to planning permissions, regulations, certification, etc. To respond to any planning queries, we must visit the planning office to inspect the planning files and plans, review and take copies of the submitted plans and drawings, along with any conditions of planning. A basic planning search will not provide the information required to answer most solicitors queries.

What types of Planning Searches are available from Property Health Check?

We provide two types of planning search:

The Detailed Planning Search is an in-depth comprehensive service that will enable us to respond to almost all of your solicitors’ queries.  The service includes four important elements:

  1. A Detailed Planning Search at the Local Authority to review the planning history and files available for the property.
  2. A Property Visit to compare the inspected planning files with the property
  3. Report Issue
  4. Planning Consultancy is included to respond to your solicitors planning queries quickly and efficiently