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An example of an opinion of compliance report for exempt developments.


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Thank you for providing as always such a prompt and efficient service. We have been impressed with your professionalism and have already recommended your services to others.

C Fox, Clonsilla, D15. House Survey

What is an opinion of compliance?

What's included in an Opinion on Compliance

  • Planning Permission

    The Opinion of Compliance certificate outlines what areas of the Planning Acts the extension or changes are exempt from, and if there was a requirement to obtain planning permission:

    • Building Control Act 2014
    • Building Control Act 2007
    • Building Control Act 2001
    • Building Control Act 1990
    • Building Control Act 1977
    • Building Control Act 1964
    • Building Bye-Laws
    • Building Regulations 1990 - 2104
  • Cover of section A Building Regulations leaflet

    Building Regulations

    The Opinion of Compliance with Building Regulations outlines which sections of the Building Regulations that the building works are complainant with:

    • Building Regulations 1991 to 2104
  • Building Bye-Law Amnesty

    A large number of developments built before 1989 are exempt from compliance with Building Regulations This is dependent on a range of factors including the following:

    • When was the extension built?
    • When were the changes made?
    • Are there any enforcement notices on the property?
    • What area/county was the property built in?
  • Law Society

    The information provided in the Opinion of Compliance certificate is compliant with the standards laid down by the Law Society of Ireland:

    • Engineer qualified to write certificate.
    • Company covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Photo Evidence

    Photo/s of the building works in question are included in our report to ensure that your Legal Adviser better understands the type of building works the opinion relates too:

    • Photo/s of extensions
    • Photo/s of interior structural alterations
    • Photo/s of defects if any, to enable all parties to better understand what is required to correct a substantial compliance issue
  • House shaped logo for property health check

    Our Service

    Our professional service will provide you with the following:

    • 24/7 online quotation service
    • Knowledable staff available for telephone queries during office hours
    • 24/7 online booking notification service
    • Organisation of access to the property
    • PDF certificate of opinion emailed to you and your solicitor to speed up process
    • Original signed certificate of opinion posted directly to your solicitor
    • PI insurance cover


Thank you both Peter and Stella for the professional services you provide. All elements of your service were carried out efficiently and thoroughly from the detailed inspection itself to the excellent pre and post customer support services in place.

Emer Campbell, Clondalkin, Dublin
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