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Buying a property? Check out our services. We could save you money in the long run!

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    Residential Pre-Purchase House Survey

    Learn as much as possible about your home before you buy and sign the dotted line. This is the service for you. Find out more

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    Pre-Purchase Apartment Survey

    If you are buying an apartment, duplex or maisonette, then this service is for you. Learn as much as possible about the property before buying.  Find out more

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    Structural Building Regulations Review

    This service is for brand newly built residential properties only. This checks the property is compliant with Building Regulations and finished to an acceptable standard. Find out more

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    Commercial Structural Property Survey

    Find out about the structural condition of commercial property before you purchase, lease or rent. This survey is also suitable for existing property owners. Find out more

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  • Opinion Compliance Planning Permission icon

    Planning Consultancy

    Answer your solicitor’s queries in relation to planning documents, planning conditions and third party certificates for the property. We can do this through a Planning Survey. Find out more

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  • Indoor Air Quality icon

    PCIT Prima Facie Review

    The service provides a desktop review for submitted queries and documentation in relation to Pre-Contract Investigation of Title. The review is based on the Engineer’s first impressions. Find out more

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    Boundary Services

    Do you need information on the boundary around your property? Does the boundary match the folio or deed? Our Boundary Services are for you. Find out more

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    All Services

    We have a wide range of services. Have a look at some of our other services here.

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