What minimum plumbing standards is a surveyor hoping to find during his survey?


Interior plumbing line Materials

Interior plumbing line materials should be sufficiently robust and in good condition to adequately carry water to where its required and to discharge waste water to the outside drains.

Water Pressure

The supply piping should be capable of delivering adequate water to the fixtures. The flow of water from a tap / fixture is a relationship between the volume and the pressure. The volume of water coming out of a bath tap is more important then the pressure of the water and conversely the pressure of water coming out of a shower head in more important then the volume of water.

Drainage Flow

The drainage should be capable of discharging the entire supply of water from a fixture and also be capable of draining away the water as fast as the taps deliver it.


The plumbing system must be adequately vented so water released from a fixture may draw in air to allow a smooth and even drainage flow. The system will attempt to draw in air through other fixtures and siphon the water from their traps if not properly vented.


These are the sinks, bathtubs and toilet fixtures of the plumbing system. These fixtures should be securely braced to walls an floors. Fixtures normally only need to be replaced when damaged, have sharp edges or leak. Scratched and dirty fixtures and taps can provide a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.