Terms and Conditions for Radon Same Day Sniffer Testing

To understand what is included and not included in the radon sniffer test and report it is essential that the following terms and conditions are read in full. When making a booking, you are agreeing to these terms.

1. Scope and limitations of Same Day Radon Sniffer Testing including Radonova Detector Analysis 

a) The purpose of the radon sniffer test is to provide an indicative measurement for radon presence inside a property for immediate identification of possible radon presence.
b) The radon sniffer test report will not identify the origin or entry points of radon in the property.
c) The service includes the supply of two Radonova Radtrak²® long term radon detectors, which will be installed (when possible) in the property being tested, on the testing day by the technician conducting the Sniffer Test. The detectors are installed so that a client is provided with recommended seasonally adjusted laboratory radon analysis results to corroborate the sniffer test results.
d) It is the client’s responsibility to return the installed Radonova Radtrak²® detectors after 3 months to Property Health Check Ltd for laboratory analysis.
e) If the Radonova Laboratory Analysis Report returns a result above the recommended reference level it is the client’s responsibility to contract a registered remediation expert regarding any remediation work required to reduce radon levels in the property.

2. Same day radon sniffer test

a) The Same Day Radon Sniffer Test will be performed by a suitably qualified technician inside the specified property.
b) The Sniffer Test will provide a client with an indicative radon measurement only. This measurement reading should not be relied on as being an accurate assessment for the property. The findings must be corroborated with the long-term Radonova Radtrak²® detector test results, as per recommendations.
c) The technician will discuss the Same Day sniffer Test measurement results where possible with the client on the day of the test.

3. Radonova Radtrak²® detectors

a) Two Radonova Radtrak²® detectors are included as part of the Same Day Radon Sniffer Test Service.
b) The technician performing the Same Day Radon Sniffer test will install the Radtrak²® detectors in the property on the testing day, where possible.
c) Where installation of the Radtrak²® detectors is not possible (e.g. permission for installation has not been given to buyer by vendor) the client will be provided with the two Radonova Radtrak²® Detectors by post, for installation by themselves at a more convenient time, e.g. when new ownership of the property has taken place.
d) Clients should email or call the office when they are ready to receive and install the Radtrak²® detectors.
e) Detectors should be left in place for a minimum of 3 months and should not be moved until detection ceases.
f) Detectors should not be interfered with in any way and should be kept out of reach of young children and pets.
g) Detectors should not be returned to Property Health Check before the notified minimum period of testing has elapsed and before the notified maximum period of testing has been reached.
h) It is the client’s responsibility to return both detectors by post to Property Health Check Ltd as soon as detection is stopped.
i) It is the client’s responsibility to input the stop date information requested in “My Pages” on Radonova.org.
j) The risk of accidental loss whilst the detectors are being returned will be borne by the Client.
k) Detectors will be checked for tampering upon arrival at Property Health Check Ltd. If detectors have been opened or tampered with no analysis will be carried out.

4. Report issue – Radon sniffer test results

a) Sniffer Test Reports are provided in PDF format and are issued to clients by email. The email will contain a link to a secure site, where the report can be viewed and downloaded.
b) Sniffer Test Reports will be issued 3 working days after the testing date.

5. Report issue – Radonova Radtrak²® detector analysis

a) To receive laboratory analysis results for the installed radon detectors clients must return the Radtrak²® detectors by post to Property Health Check Ltd.
b) Radonova Radtrak²® detector analysis reports are issued independent of the Same Day Radon Sniffer Test report.
c) Radonova reports are available for viewing through the Radonova.org platform. Clients will be supplied with the details required to access their report by the technician that installs the detectors or with the detectors when supplied by post.
d) Radonova analysis reports are usually available for viewing and downloading 12 working days after receipt of the detectors by Property Health Check Ltd. Clients will be notified by email by Radonova when their report is available for viewing.
e) Radonova analysis reports will provide recommendations on what to do next if the radon analysis level is above the recommended reference level.
f) If the Radonova Laboratory Analysis Report returns a result above the recommended reference level it is the client’s responsibility to contact a registered remediation expert regarding any remediation work required to reduce radon levels in the property.

6. Price and payment

a) Valid numbered quotations are provided online, by email and are valid for thirty days from the date of issue.
b) Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Payment in full is required on the day of testing.

7. Liability, confidentiality and ownership

a) Information and/or data relating to any individual, household and/or workplace is held in strict confidence and according to our Privacy Policy and that of Radonova.
b) The reports are issued to the person to whom it is addressed for theirs and their legal advisers use and is not intended or authorized to be used by a third party, without our prior written consent.
c) If a third party chooses to use either reports they do so without Property Health Check Limited’s permission or authorisation, and they do so at their own risk. No communications will be entered into with any third party re the report.

8. Termination

a) The Client may cancel a scheduled booking for a Same Day Radon Sniffer Test but must give a minimum of two working days’ notice.
b) If a cancellation or a postponement takes place within two working days of the inspection, then 25% of the quotation total fee will be charged.

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