Terms and Conditions for Radonova Radon Detector Testing

To understand what is included and not included in the supply of Radonova detectors and analysis reporting it is essential that the following terms and conditions are read in full. When placing an order, you are agreeing to these terms.

1. Scope and limitations of radon detector testing and analysis

a) The purpose of a radon detector test is to understand the level of radon present inside a property.
b) The radon detector test report will provide analysis for the level of radon inside a tested property. It will not identify the origin or entry points of the radon in the property.
c) The radon detector fee includes the cost of analysis.
d) The radon test report will indicate whether the radon readings are acceptable for a property or above the recommended levels. It is the client’s responsibility to undertake remediation work required to reduce radon levels in a property that are above the recommended level.
e) Where a short term Rapidos detector is purchased it must be understood that this will provide an indicative analysis result. If a result above the national reference level is returned a 3-month test is recommended.
6. Reference levels are different for residential homes and workplaces. It is essential to provide the correct information when booking detectors in order to receive the correct analysis results.

2. Supply and dispatch of detectors

a) Each radon detector pack supplied will include:
• The quantity and type of Radonova detectors ordered for your home or work place with unique identifying codes
• Instructions for placement of the detectors in your home or workplace
• Minimum date for return by client
• Commission number and password for Radonova My Pages to record detector deployment details and for viewing and downloading report analysis
• Addressed return envelope
• Copy of paid invoice
b) Clients should ensure they have correctly specified whether detectors are for the Home or Workplace. This is important and will ensure clients receive the correct number of detectors, analysis and advise if levels exceed recommended levels.
c) Detectors will be dispatched by post once a payment transaction has been approved.
d) Detectors will be dispatched by post once a cheque payment has cleared and been approved.
e) Detectors will be dispatched by post within 2 working days of an approved payment.
f) Clients should notify Property Health Check if they have not received their detectors within 5 working days.

3. Receipt and placement of detectors

a) If a detector is damaged during transit, please contact Property Health Check Ltd immediately to organise a replacement.
b) It is the client’s responsibility to place the detectors in the Home or Workplace as specified in the instructions supplied in the pack.
c) It is the client’s responsibility to input the deployment measurement information requested in “My Pages” on Radonova.org.
d) The detectors should not be interfered with in any way and should be kept out of reach of young children and pets.
e) Detectors should be left in place for the amount of time specified in the information leaflet supplied and should not be moved until detection ceases.

4. Return of detectors

a) It is the client’s responsibility to input the stop date information requested in “My Pages” on Radonova.org.
b) It is the client’s responsibility to return the detectors for the Home or Workplace to Property Health Check Ltd in the addressed envelope supplied.
c) Detectors should be returned to Property Health check Ltd as soon as detection in the property ends.
d) Detectors should not be returned before the notified minimum period of testing has elapsed and should be returned before the notified maximum period of testing has been reached.

5. Analysis of detectors

a) Detectors will be checked for tampering upon arrival at Property Health Check Ltd. If detectors have been opened or tampered with no analysis will be carried out.
b) All intact detectors will be couriered to the Radonova in Sweden for analysis in their laboratory.

6. Report issue

a) Radonova will email clients directly when the analysis report is available for viewing in “My Pages” on Radonova.org.
b) Analysis reports can be viewed or downloaded from “My Pages” as required.
c) Analysis reports are available for viewing usually within 12 working days of receipt at Property Health Check Ltd.
d) Advice will be provided on what to do next for readings above the level currently recommended.

7. Price and payment

a) Valid numbered quotations are provided online, by email and are valid for thirty days from the date of issue.
b) Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Credit or debit card payments are actioned when the order is placed.
c) Payment in full is required before any detectors can be dispatched.
d) Refunds are not available if a detector is damaged or faulty due to misuse, mishandling or actions by any other third party.

8. Liability, confidentiality and ownership

a) The report is issued to the person who’s email address as inputted by themselves in to “My Pages”
b) Information and/or data relating to any individual, household and/or workplace is held in strict confidence and according to our Privacy Policy and that of Radonova.
c) If a third party chooses to use this report they do so without Property Health Check Limited’s permission or authorisation, and they do so at their own risk. No communications will be entered into with any third party re the report.