Terms and Conditions for Boundary Services

To understand what is included and not included in your report it is essential and recommended that the following terms and conditions are read in full. By booking our services you are agreeing to these terms.


  1. Boundary services provided
  2. Limitations of Service
  3. Price and payment
  4. Report Issue
  5. Liability, confidentiality, and ownership
  6. Termination

1. Boundary Services Provided

a) The boundary services provided include a visual inspection of the boundaries of the property and obtaining the relevant details to provide the report in question.

i. Certificate of Identity
ii. Declaration of Identity
iii. Land Registry Compliant Map

2. Limitations of Service

a) Certificate / Declaration of Identity
I. The Certificate / Declaration is not a building survey report and does not take into account or report on the condition of the boundaries or services.
II. Areas that are underground, covered over, inaccessible or obscured from view are not inspected.
III. Measurements of a site are not included.
IV. Matters in respect of private rights and obligations are not checked.
V. Development of the property which may occur after the date of issue of this Certificate / Declaration.
b) Land Registry Compliant Map
I. Measurements of a site are not included.

3. Price and Payment

a) Valid numbered quotations are provided in writing only and are valid for thirty days from the date of issue. The quotation is a net figure and is subject to VAT at the current rate.
b) Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
c) Payment is taken at the time of booking.

4. Report Issue

a) Certificate of Identity reports are issued by email. The email will contain a link to a secure site, where the certificate can be viewed and downloaded.
b) Certificate of Identity reports are issued to the client. They are also sent to the solicitor, where solicitor details have been provided.
c) Hard copy reports (for Declaration of Identity, Land Registry Compliant Map) are issued in black and white. The hard copy will be posted, using normal post, to the person and address nominated by you at the time of booking.
d) A scanned copy of any hard copy report produced are issued by email
e) PDF / emailed reports are provided in colour.

5. Liability, Confidentiality, and Ownership

a) Ownership of the report passes to the client upon receipt by Property Health Check Limited of full payment.
b) The report is issued to the person to whom it is addressed for theirs and their legal advisers use and is not intended or authorized to be used by a third party, without our prior written consent.

6. Termination

a) The Client may terminate an Agreement but must give a minimum of two working days’ notice.
b) If a cancellation or a postponement takes place within two working days of the inspection, then 25% of the quotation total fee will be charged.

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