Terms and Conditions for Air Quality Testing

To understand what is included and not included in testing and analysis report it is essential that the following terms and conditions are read in full. By booking our services you are agreeing to these terms.

Scope and limitations of an air quality test report

The purpose of the air quality test is to identify the presence or absence of different moulds in a property.

This air quality test report will identify type of generic type/s of mould are present in the areas tested. It will not identify the cause of the mould or the origin of smells or odours. If you would also like to know why you have mould in your home, and how to prevent its occurrence or re-occurrence, then a specialist damp survey is recommended instead of air quality testing.

The air quality test report will indicate whether the mould readings are normal or elevated and will provide a brief description of what these mould spores are. The report may indicate that certain mould spore readings are within a normal range or perhaps highly elevated, however, everyone’s reaction to mould is different. Some people may have an adverse reaction to what would be considered normal mould spore levels or may show no reaction to what would be considered highly elevated levels of mould spores. Therefore, it is important to provide the air quality test results to your doctor, so s/he can advise you accordingly and make other recommendations as appropriate.

Sampling and analysis of different mould types

a) The use of surface sampling and air sampling are used to identify mould types found in the property. The type of sample/s to be taken will be determined on-site and can vary based on the conditions revealed at the time of the survey. Bio tape slides and air sampling cassettes when used will collect fungal spores and hyphae particles (if requested by client) and are sent for a laboratory analysis. After samples are collected, the samples are sealed and shipped to a third-party laboratory for direct microscopic examination. These samples are examined to identify the type and determine the concentration of fungal spore’s present. Spore identification is to genus level unless otherwise specified.

b) All mould samples are sent to the USA to government-approved laboratories for analysis.

c) The laboratory report is normally available after 14 working days. Laboratory results/analysis are provided to clients in a separate third-party report.

Additional concerns

a) Any additional concerns expressed by a client which are not covered under the limitations of this air quality test will necessitate a different type of survey to be undertaken at a fee to be agreed.

b) If the engineer includes a comment in the report relating to any issue outside the limitations of the report, it is provided for limited information only and should not be deemed conclusive.

Price and Payment

a) Quotations included in the confirmation email for a scheduled survey are valid only when booked to take place at the same time as the scheduled survey.

b) Valid numbered quotations are provided by email for standalone air quality tests and are valid for thirty days from the date of issue. The quotation is a net figure and is subject to VAT at the current standard rate.

c) Any mould sample/s taken in addition (outside of a quotation) for laboratory analysis are charged additionally per individual sample.

d) Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Credit or debit card payments are actioned on the day of the survey. Payment in full is required on the day of testing.

e) If subsequent re-testing is required, an additional fee will be quoted for and charged accordingly

Report Issue

a) Reports are issued to you by email. The email will contain a link to a secure site, where the report can be viewed and downloaded.

b) Reports are provided in colour PDF format only.

c) Requests to provide a hard copy may incur an additional postage fee, and the report will be issued in black and white.

Liability, confidentiality and ownership

a) Ownership of the report passes to the client upon receipt by Property Health Check Limited of full payment.

b) The report is issued to the person to whom it is addressed for theirs and their legal advisers use and is not intended or authorized to be used by a third party, without our prior written consent.

c) If a third party chooses to use this report, they do so without Property Health Check Limited’s permission or authorisation, and they do so at their own risk. No communications will be entered into with any third party re the report.


a) The Client may terminate an Agreement but must give a minimum of two working days’ notice.

b) If a cancellation or a postponement takes place within two working days of the testing, then 25% of the quotation total fee will be charged.