Radon Testing

Make sure you check the radon levels in your home!

What is a Radon Test?

Every home has radon gas in it.  High levels of radon are very harmful and can cause cancer-causing  Radon gas is colourless, tasteless and odourless making it a silent and hidden threat to the people that live in your home. To check if your home has an acceptable level of radon gas, you will need to take a radon test.

This video outlines how to test your home for Radon Gas. Contact Property Health Check if you would like to find out more about radon levels in your home.

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Types of Radon Tests

Long Term Test

The Radonova Radtrak²® detector is a long-term test for monitoring radon and is placed in a property for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of a full year. The guidelines put in place by the EPA are based on a year-long exposure to radon. This extremely accurate detector uses the proven accuracy of alpha track technology to detect radon. The analysis result will take into account daily fluctuations in radon and provide you with a seasonally adjusted average concentration. The detectors are supplied by post with full instructions about placement and postal return by the client.

Same Day Test

If required the Sniffer Test provides an immediate indication of radon presence in a property. The test is performed in the property by an engineer and the results are available on the day. Supply of two Radtrak²® detectors is included with this test so that you are also provided with the recommended laboratory radon analysis results for the property. These are supplied by post when the property is available for long term testing. This long term analysis takes into account daily fluctuations in radon and provides you with a seasonally adjusted average concentration.

Frequently Asked Questions

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