Pre Contract Investigation of Title

Answer your Solicitors queries about a property in relation to Pre Contract Investigation of Title enquiries

What is a Planning Consultancy?

We provide two very different options for (PCIT) services which satisfy c, 99% of solicitors we correspond with. If your solicitor has a different set of requirements, please ask him / her to communicate these requirements and hopefully we can find a way to facilitate.


The two (PCIT) options we provide are.


  1. Prima Facie* review of documents submitted.
  2. Detailed investigation* of relevant documents.
·         Prima Facie* means “at first sight”. A prima facie review of documents is providing a view of the documentation submitted based on the first impression of the engineer. Further investigation may reveal information which could change the opinion given in a prima facie review.

·         Note that no visit to the planning office or to the property is included.

·         The engineer’s Prima Facie review is not conclusive, but is based on his experience with the Irish planning and building regulations system and is not a substitute for a Detailed Investigation*

·         Prima Facie Fees. The average fee for a typical property carrying out a Prima Facie review is €225 plus VAT. A retainer of €150 plus VAT is required for this service. Any additional time required over one hour is charged at €75 + VAT per 30-minute time slots.




·         Detailed Investigation* of relevant documents. Should a solicitor require absolute certainty in relation to queries / documents submitted then a Prima Facie* review is not adequate. In this situation, full research would need to be conducted and new documentation produced to provide conclusive answers.  This normally includes a visit to the Local Authority Planning office to review all relevant files, drawings and documents for the property and a subsequent visit to the property to ensure that all relevant conditions and requirements within these documents are complied with.

·         Detailed Investigation Fees. The fee for a “Detailed Investigation” starts at €495 plus VAT (plus any Local Authority Fees, charged at cost) and is required when a solicitor requires absolute certainty in relation to queries / documents submitted. A retainer of €495 plus VAT is required for this service.


Why Us?

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Who Needs Pre Contract Investigation of Title service?

During conveyancing solicitors will often have queries for your engineer relating to planning permissions, regulations, certification, etc. To respond to any planning queries, engineers must first research all relevant documentation including third party certificates, planning files and plans, review the submitted plans and drawings, planning conditions and/or other files depending on what queries your solicitor has.

Frequently Asked Questions

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