Planning Consultancy

What is Planning Consultancy needed for?

Planning Consultancy is a comprehensive service that includes a planning search and a planning consultancy service which allows us to respond with due diligence to your solicitor’s conveyancing planning queries.

What is included in the Planning Consultancy Service?

The service includes two important elements:

This is a review by your engineer of planning documents available on file for a particular property at the Local Authority Planning Office.  The files are reviewed to acquire the following planning information:

  • Details of planning permissions and associated documents.
  • Planning conditions or restrictions relating to the property
  • Enforcement notices attached to the property

2: Planning Consultancy

The provision of this service is unique and valuable. Solicitors nearly always have planning related queries during conveyancing that require responses, qualifications or confirmations from an engineer.

Before an appropriate response to a question can be provided the documentation must be reviewed, researched and understood and then related to the property that has been surveyed. Responding to your solicitors queries regarding other third parties planning documentation, certificates and compliance with building regulations is included in this part of service and allows for your solicitor to communicate directly with the engineer for all property related planning queries. The benefits of this are:

  • Professional responses that can be relied on and are backed up by relevant third-party liability insurance
  • All-inclusive service – no hidden additional fees*
  • Communication between two professionals who properly understand what is required to avoid any ambiguities and miscommunications
  • Time efficient to support a well organised conveyancing process

* Fees charged by a Local Planning Office and other third parties are not included in the quotations.