Desk Top Review

What is a Desk Top Review?

The Desk Top Review is a review of other third party planning documents and certificates submitted by a client. It will provide guidance for queries that relate to the submitted documents.

What is included in the Desk Top Review Service?

The service includes two elements:

1: Desk Top Review by engineer of submitted documents

  • The engineer will read through the submitted planning documents, building regulation and planning certificates and fire certificates to gain an understanding in relation to the questions asked.
  • The submitted documents are reviewed using our experience and judgement. 

2: Bullet Point Review Response

  • The engineer will provide a bullet point review response for the submitted queries
  • The review will provide a better understanding of the issues at hand and what further enquiries or actions may be required.
  • The review will be emailed to the client and their solicitor.

The disadvantage of a desk top review is that there may be other documents and drawings that may be important but are only available from the Local Authority.

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