Damp Survey

Who needs a Damp Survey?

If you are a home owner, tenant, landlord or employer and you own, lease, rent or occupy a property and are concerned about water leaks, rising damp, condensation and ventilation issues, then a damp survey would be useful to you to understand the underlying causes of these issues and how to remedy them.  Damp problems can cause damage to a property and/or possibly effect the health of occupants of the property.

What is a Damp Survey?

A damp survey is a visual inspection of a property to determine the type, extent and cause of dampness that is present in the property.  The engineer will provide you with a report and make recommendations on how to best resolve the damp issue/s.

What equipment will an engineer use during the damp survey?

The engineers will use a damp tester and infrared camera to assist in obtaining surface readings. As this is a visual damp survey we do not drill or make openings in walls, ceilings or floors.

What form of advise on my damp issue will I receive?

You will receive a report advising you on what is causing the dampness.  The engineer will also have discussed this with you during his visit.  However, on occasions dampness may be caused by a few different and often unrelated issues so the root cause may not be clear or definitive.  In these cases the engineer will advise you what should be done firstly, secondly or thirdly to better understand and remedy the damp issue. The engineer will also advise you what you should do in the first instance and also what you may need to do long term to permanently sort out the damp issue/s.

We don’t supply estimate or schedule of costs for repairs as we are not a damp contracting company and do not carry out damp remediation repairs. Our report is an independent assessment of the damp issues and we are not associated with any building or damp remedial companies, so you can be assured that you are receiving independent advice. However, when you are speaking to the engineer during the survey, the engineer from experience of similar type issues can give you a ball park idea of what costs are likely to be.


 Sample Report