Basic Planning Search

What is a Basic Planning Search?

The Basic Planning Search will provide you with limited information that can be used to obtain further planning information about your property.The information is obtained from the Local Planning Authority from records that have been maintained by them since the 1st Oct 1964.

What is included in a Basic Planning Search?

Our basic planning search includes a visit to the relevant Local Planning Authority office to obtain:

  • the number of planning permissions for the property
  • the planning reference number for each permission for the property
  • the reference number of any enforcement notices (if any) for the property

Will a basic planning search provide answers for most of my solicitors planning queries?

A Basic Planning Search is very limited in the information that it provides. A Detailed Planning Search would be required to answer most of the planning queries that we receive from solicitors. To provide comprehensive, reliable answers we must have viewed the property plans and completed an on site property comparison. Neither of these important stages are included in a basic search.

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