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Attic Conversions

Hugh Moore, CHI Attics started life in 1992 as a general building company. We very soon found that attic conversions were becoming a major part of our regular work.

At that time there were four attic conversions companies servicing the Dublin area. Only two of those remain in business today.
A year later we dropped all other building work to concentrate exclusively on attic conversions. We placed an advert in the Golden Pages and doubled our work volume immediately. We have since dropped all forms of advertising because we now receive most of our work from recommendations, and from our website.

CHI Attics has a policy of using only the best qualified and most experienced tradesmen, and the result is the very fine reputation we enjoy for excellent work and for our first class after sales service.

Our standards are the highest in the industry and our prices are very fair for the quality of the product we provide. Needless to say we do not try to compete with the many dubious newcomers to the industry.

So, if you believe that the cheapest price is the best value for money, then please don't trouble us with an enquiry.

Auto Entry Systems

Auto Entry Systems Ltd is an established access control company. When it comes to choosing a company to advise and commission such systems, Auto Entry Systems Ltd has been directly involved in the automation industry since 1993 and has a proven track record.

Security companies that install access control products make up the biggest proportion of our clients, together with gate manufactures. Over the years we have built up a very strong network of fitters, giving us a nationwide reach.

As a distributor, we don’t always see where our products end up but we know they are used in all the major hospitals, airports, universities, supermarkets and government buildings in Ireland - plus the odd pop star's house!

We deal with a number of exclusive brands, but the one that we are best known for is Ditec. We have literally grown up with the brand, we know it intimately and we pride ourselves in having one of the best Ditec technical support teams in Ireland and the UK.

We continuously run training courses and update our client base on any new technical or safety innovations. We carry a high range of stock and have evolved into a one-stop shop for all our customers' needs.

We have built our business by looking after our customers well and if there is a problem, every effort is made to get it resolved as quickly as possible. This has resulted in great customer loyalty for which we are very grateful. In fact, the majority of new customers come to us via recommendations from existing customers.

LoCall: 1850 500 500
David Doyle Architects

David Doyle Architects Ltd. is a young architectural design company based in Dublin with a keen interest in maximising the re-use of existing structures through considered design, controlled budgets and close interaction with the client and their requirements.
Company prinicpal, David Doyle (Dip. Arch. B.Arch. Sc., MRIAI) worked with award winning architectural firm O'Briain Beary Architects for a number of years prior to setting up the practice in 2007 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on all work within the firm.

David Doyle Architects Ltd. provide a number of Architectural and Design Services and are happy to meet with prospective clients to discuss their individual requirements. Some of the services provided are:
Architectural & Interior Design
Planning Permission preparation and submission
Pre-purchase Condition Surveys
Background planning surveys
Feasability studies
Planning & Building Regulation Compliance Certification
Sustainability Design and Green Design Retrofit Advice
3D Modelling, animated walk throughs and sun study analysis

353 1 6202977
Environmental Protection Agency

Learn more about Ireland's Environment.  Check out our Infographics page with lots of interesting facts on air, water, waste, health and lots more!  Read more about EPA funded research and how this research is increasing our understanding of environmental challenges.  Find out about the EPA's education resources for primary and secondary school students and check out how our BeGreen programmes provide homes, business and other sectors of society with ways in which they can participate in making Ireland a more sustainable country and will save you money!
There is no requirement for home sellers to test or remediate their homes for radon. However, when buying a home, the EPA recommends that you enquire as to whether the home has been tested for radon and factor this into your decision to buy. If the seller reports that a sump was fitted to reduce radon levels, ask your surveyor to check that the sump is still operational.

The acceptable level, or Reference Level, for homes in Ireland is 200 becquerel per cubic metre (Bq/m3).

The World Health Organisation has categorised radon as a carcinogen, in the same group as asbestos and tobacco smoke. In Ireland, up to 250 cases of lung cancer each year are linked to exposure to radon. There is a synergistic effect between radon and tobacco smoke. This means that smokers are at much greater risk of developing radon related lung cancer than non-smokers. There is no scientific evidence linking radon with any other types of respiratory illnesses or other cancers.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It has no taste, colour or smell. It is formed in the ground by the radioactive decay of uranium which is present in all rocks and soils. You cannot see it, smell it or taste it. It can only be measured with special detectors.

Radon can enter a home from the ground through small cracks in floors and through gaps around pipes or cables. Homes in some parts of the country are more likely to have a radon problem. These parts of the country are called High Radon Areas. You can check our interactive map to see whether a home is in a High Radon Area. Outside radon is diluted to very low levels.


(01) 268 0100
Eric Graham Structural Engineer
Golder Associates Ireland Ltd

Construction Materials Engineering, Testing & Instrumentation Services
From pipelines, dams and mine sites to subdivisions, office towers and municipal infrastructure, Golder's materials engineers and testing specialists provide comprehensive services for major construction projects -- services such as materials testing in Golder laboratories; onsite inspection, monitoring and testing; instrumentation; and pre- and post-construction surveys.

Our team draws upon Golder's 50 years of experience in ground engineering and materials technology to provide the highly specialised services of geologists; geophysicists; geotechnical, materials and pavement engineers; field and laboratory technicians; and technologists during your construction project.

We combine the capabilities of Golder's materials testing laboratories located throughout the world with our onsite engineers, construction specialists and technicians to provide the hands-on quality control necessary to successfully meet construction specifications, timelines and budgets. Or, if you prefer, we can provide targeted testing services as needed, with specialisation in soil, concrete, aggregates and asphalt.

045 87 4411

Geotechnical Consultancy

IGSL provides advice and consultancy services on slopes, retaining walls, earthworks, foundations, subsidence, pyrite induced heave and aggregate quality.

Pyrite Analysis

Wide experience in sampling and analysis of hardcore under concrete floor slabs to assess pyrite induced swelling and heave.
IGSL carry out hardcore investigations to meet Premier Guarantee requirements and IS 398 Reactive pyrite in sub-floor hardcore –
Part 1: Testing and categorization protocol. Sampling of hardcore below concrete floors is performed by IGSL geotechnicians in a professional manner to minimize disruption for the Client.
Our specialists includes Dr George Matheson, Paul Quigley, John Lawler and Daffyd O’Shea who have been involved with investigating pyrite induced heave in hardcore since 2007.
Testing on hardcore aggregate includes:

• Acid soluble sulphate
• Water soluble sulphate
• Total sulphur
• Calcium carbonate content
• Water absorption
• Thin section petrology
• X-Ray Diffraction
• Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)


045 846176
INVAS Biosecurity

INVAS Biosecurity’s mission is to provide the first line of defense against the pervasive threat to our ecosystem caused by the on-going introduction and spread of damaging invasive species.

INVAS Biosecurity is a dynamic Irish company that specialises in the control of Invasive Species on land and in water. The increasing rate of introduction of non-native invasive weeds, insects, fish and animals to the island of Ireland has necessitated the expansion of our company, to both understand and tackle the serious problems posed by these species.

The specialised weed control services offered by INVAS Biosecurity have evolved over 20 years and we offer this experience to a wide range of State and semi-State organisations, cross border bodies, Local Authorities, Angling Clubs, Amenity Managers, Consultants and the general public. To keep abreast of the pace of introduction and spread of new invasive species INVAS Biosecurity has found it necessary to expand and diversify its operations to include control and containment of invasive species.

045 085 48
James P. Evans Solicitors

James P Evans (Solicitors) is a law firm based in Dublin, Ireland.

The law firm James P Evans Solicitors is committed to providing the highest quality legal services in all areas including commercial and civil litigation, commercial and residential property, family law, wills and probate.

We strive to deliver these services in the most timely and cost-effective manner for our clients. We consider this part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality of legal advice and representation available. We also endeavour to create a relationship of trust and good faith.

We trust our commitment and approach to producing the highest quality legal services available to our clients guarantees we will remain their lawyers of first choice.

(353)-01-640 2717
John Sweeney Plumbing & Heating

John Sweeney Heating & Plumbing Limited

John Sweeney
Address Lissyclerig
Co Kerry

064 6640 900
Liam Cullen Commercial BER’S

Liam Cullen Commercial BER'S

Martin Breen

Attic Conversion Repairs

OHSS Safety Consultants

Professional Asbestos Contractors

Asbestos fibres, if not handled properly, are known to cause serious health hazards. All companies undertaking restoration, refurbishment or construction projects on asbestos containing structures are bound to hire professional asbestos contractors who are accredited to inspect, take samples and finally offer fully regulated and HSA authorised instructions and procedures on how the asbestos containing materials need to be handled. We have more than 20 years’ experience carrying out work in asbestos abatement and All OHSS employees are graduates in disciplines such as chemistry, environmental science and mineral engineering. We operate from our own laboratory to ensure our methods conform to the highest international standards. Our excellent reputation has been built by following one important purpose, which we always keep in mind: people’s safety. We strictly adhere to Ireland’s asbestos regulations and As the sole Irish company certified by The Irish National Accreditation Body (INAB), we are the best – and most experienced – in the business.

01 6905907
Palmac Interiors

We specialise in manufacturing shopfittings, pos displays, office and reception furniture from a wide range of materials including hardwoods, plastics, stainless steel, glass and Avonite. Our customers include interior designers, shopkeepers, retail distributors and many of the larger store fitters.
We have tax clearance, all our staff are insured, have up to date 'Safepass' and 'Manual Handling' certs.

Unit 5 Catherinestown House, Hazelhatch Rd,
Newcastle, Co Dublin.

087 274 5485
Paul Mc’Connon Energy Ratings

McConnon Energy Rating specialises in Building Energy Rating (BER). McConnon Energy Rating ensures all BERs will be carried out by specially trained BER assessors, registered by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI).

All assessors will also meet any other requirements set by SEI, including the signing up to a Code of Conduct. The primary objective of the BER Assessor’s Code of Conduct is to ensure that BER Assessors have a clear understanding of, and a formal commitment to meet, their obligation to deliver a high quality BER assessment service in the marketplace.

McConnon Energy Rating will ensure a quick turn around time on all assessments to ensure the sale or rental of the property is not held up. As energy costs continue to rise and public awareness of our carbon footprint increases a good Energy Rating will be a positive selling point for your home. Achieving a high energy rating does not necessarily cost large amounts of money when spent it in the right areas.

086 6080900
Property Health Check

Why should you use “Property Health Check” for your survey?
Our thorough Pre-Purchase Building Survey will mean that YOU won’t get stuck buying a money pit.

All our Pre-Purchase Building Surveys are independent and unbiased. Our firm is not affiliated with any Estate Agency or Building Contractors. Our sole objective is to ensure that you are provided with independent professional advice to allow you make the best decision and protect your long term interest, preferably before you make your investment.

Over 15,000 families and businesses in the Greater Dublin area, Cork and Kerry have already chosen Property Health Check Ltd for their
building surveying needs. Read what our customers have to say in our testimonial section.


Electrical Contract Regulation and database of registered electricians.

Safe Electric's overall function is the regulation of the activities of electrical contractors with respect to safety and the requirements of the Criteria Document as set up by the Commission of Energy Regulation (Commission).

Safe Electric's core activities are: Processing of applications and registration of electrical contractors, and publication of the register Monitoring, Inspection and Audit of electrical contractors Investigation of complaints received and the disciplining of electrical contractors registered with Safe Electric; Inspection of works of Third Parties; Management of the distribution, sale, recording, control and the validation of Certificates; Public and industry awareness activities; Interaction and co-ordination of activities with other Bodies and such other agencies, bodies, committees and Government Departments as the Commission may direct from time to time; Maintaining records of, and reporting on, the activities of Safe Electric; The operation, and use, of the Brand in accordance with the requirements specified by the Commission.

Use our Search Engine to find an Electrician. This section provides visitors with access to Registered Electrical Contractor members in their area for both domestic and commercial electrical projects. Please note that Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) are separate entities to Safe Electric and Safe Electric has no control over their methods and practices except in relation to Electrical Safety.

+353(0)1 492 9966
+353(0)1 492 9983

Since 2006, the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has worked with the gas industry to put in place a new regulatory system to supervise the work of gas installers with respect to safety. This new statutory-based regulatory system has replaced the previous voluntary register operated by Bord Gaìs.

The CER has appointed The Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (R.G.I.I.) as The Gas Safety Supervisory Body (GSSB).

An RGI is an installer who has at least a GID (Gas Installer Domestic) qualification or equivalent in gas safety which makes him/her competent to carry out gas works. He/She will also have a valid insurance and will have paid the annual subscription fee which entitles him/her to be on the register of RGIs and carry an ID Card with a valid date.

Note: Registered Gas Installers (RGI) are separate entities to RGII i.e. businesses or sole traders and RGII have no control over there methods and practices except in relation to Gas Safety. RGII would at all times recommend customers to contact a least three RGI to compare cost, quality and service issues before entering into any contract.

+353 1 499 799
+353 1 492 9983
RILTA Environmental Ltd

RILTA Environmental has specialised in Total Hazardous Waste Management in Ireland for over 30 years. We can provide complete cradle to grave traceability for the full range of hazardous waste. We supply this service to our extensive client base in the oil, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, construction, utility and local authority sectors.

Some of our services include:

Asbestos Waste Management Services

Contaminated Soils

Hazardous Waste Management

Liquid Waste Treatment



1 401 8000
Robert Gaffney & Sons Builders LTD

We are an established company that specialise in extensions, renovations and all general building work.

All of our work is guaranteed.

We have been providing quality work in Dublin area for 20 years.

Call Robert to discuss your building requirements.


+353 (0)86 8234584
Tree Council of Ireland

Contact a Tree Professional
Who can I contact to give advice on or carry out work on a tree?

It is important that advice given in respect of trees is correct and from reliable professionals. If you need specialist arboricultural services, it may help to understand the difference between arboricultural consultants and contractors.

Good tree management is about more than just tree work. It is about assessing trees knowledgably, and only then implementing the minimum amount of tree work really necessary. This principle is set out in the British Standard BS 3998: 2010 Tree Work – Recommendations, and in the Tree Council’s publication ‘Amenity Trees & Woodlands: A Guide to their Management in Ireland’.

A competent Arboricultural Consultant is a tree professional who, through relevant education, training and experience, has gained recognised qualifications and expertise in providing management advice about trees. A consultant will usually be independent of contracting (tree surgery) work interests and will be qualified in arboriculture to an equivalent degree level of an architect or engineer. Consultants provide reports on the condition and management of important landscape trees and may recommend and specify tree work where it is required. The work recommended by the consultant can then be tendered for by several contractors. Specific subjects on which arboricultural consultants will commonly advise include tree health, assessing trees for hazard and where appropriate specifying remedial work, investigating cases where trees are alleged to be involved in structural damage to buildings, investigating accidents caused by tree failure, providing advice in relation to planning and tree preservation law, providing advice in relation to trees and development, designing arboricultural features and formulating tree and woodland management plans. Arboricultural consultants can assist law firms, insurance companies, utilities, land developers, local authorities, landscape planners and architects, homeowners, individuals and organisations requiring authoritative knowledge and perspective on trees.

1 493 1313
Window And Door Doctor

Our mission is to save you money and prevent the unnecessary removal and disposal of windows, sliding patio doors, front doors and anything that can be repaired. We believe many doors and windows still have value and deserve to be repaired instead of being put into a landfill prematurely. Help yourself and our environment: look into the option of repairing before investing in a replacement door or window. Dealing with repairs at an early stage can save you money as neglecting faults can lead to more problems and expense. Improve the comfort in your home and change faulty hinges, check out our special hinge offer. We’re here to help you do just that. If you live in the Dublin area contact us sooner rather than later to reduce patio wheel and track ware and tear. We repair all types of windows and doors. Typical problems include fogged-up windows, broken/cracked glass, draughty windows, faulty hinges, broken door and window locks and handles, letterboxes, break-in repairs, lost keys, replacement barrels/cylinders, windows stuck closed or won’t lock and child safety catches. If you require a replacement window or door we can organise it.

086 – 1206214